We have been operating in the Pilsen region for many years. We have always been dedicated to finding technical specialists and managers. We can identify potential candidates, approach them in a suitable way and present them with an opportunity in your company. Thanks to countless successfully completed contracts, we are able to succeed even in very challenging projects.


Position analysis

We will discuss the job in detail with you at your company. Together we will identify the key criteria that are prerequisites for a successful new colleague on your team.

Recruitment strategy

Thanks to our years of experience and market knowledge, we will choose the right steps and procedures to find and contact the most suitable candidates.



Market research

Research is key. You will get feedback on how people perceive the role. We cover multiple active and passive sources so you don't miss candidates.

Interviewing candidates

We meet people in person. So you have detailed information about the candidate's preferences and personality (candidate profile) in addition to their CV.



Evaluating profiles

We are fully at your disposal in your assessment of the presented candidates. We will fill in the necessary information and help you decide who to invite for an interview.

The selection process

We are partners for both parties throughout the selection process. This makes for a smoother process, timing and clearer communication. We can also be personally present at your meeting with the candidate.



Tender phase

We can help to finalise the offer to increase the likelihood of it being accepted by the candidate. We can present the offer itself directly to the candidate and remedy any "friction points".

Candidate onboarding

We stay in contact with the candidate and monitor the situation before they join your company.




During the candidate's adaptation, we are available to both parties for any consultations.

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