We focus on finding specialists or managers for companies in the manufacturing, logistics or IT segment.

We are able to target and approach potential candidates with a position in any department in your company. We have a track record of successfully completing projects, whether they are technical specialists, middle management or top management roles.

We focus mainly on the Pilsen region. We can offer services for adjacent regions as well.

We also have experience with recruitment support for companies entering the Czech Republic from abroad and establishing their branches here.

We aim to bring real added value by connecting candidates' potential with opportunities in companies.

When to contact us?

You don't have the capacity
to systematically devote to recruitment

You expect full-service recruitment
filling a top management role

You lack candidate sourcing

You are considering a discreet
replacement of your employee

You are filling a specific position

Your company is entering the Czech market

Who are we?

We have been working together for many years and we know we can rely on each other. That's why we went into business for ourselves in 2015, to ensure long-term quality of service to our clients. We have thus created a tandem that has gradually established itself in the Pilsen region and has definitely made a name for itself.

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Giovanni Romagnoli, CEO

It is always a pleasure to involve Ondrej and Luděk in our new projects. They are not just a service provider - we consider them part of our team because of their openness, suggestions, precision, ideas and time flexibility. I consider them an essential partner for the success of our business.

Asteelflash Plzeň s.r.o.

Asteelflash Plzeň s.r.o.

Christian Breuer, Director Human Resources Region EEMEA

In a high competitive labor market (Plzen), representing a company with an employer´s branding is only popular to insiders, we have had experience with more than a few service providers. iRecruit convinced us with a high professionalism, not promising anything what cannot be hold, deep understanding of the local market and a trustful cooperation. iRecruit does more than headhunting, iRecruit is a good counselor and advisor, they never disappointed us. Very personal approach. Apart from our competitors I can only recommend them! ;-)

AIMTEC a. s.

AIMTEC a. s.

Radka Pučelíková, HR Manager

We just can't stop enjoying working with both iRecruit guys! We know that they are absolute professionals with a human approach. They have been doing their job for years and it could be routine. But it isn't. They strive to move the service closer to the customer and the candidates. They're constantly figuring out how to be ahead of the curve, respond sooner, offer more. How to help both parties at a time when they are just realising the need for change. Guys, I'm rooting for you and looking forward to more projects together!

seele pilsen s.r.o.

seele pilsen s.r.o.

Tomáš Zajíc, Financial Director

We started cooperation with iRecruit in 2018. I didn't get any big promises, I heard a lot of promises and reasurement about the possible success of cooperation with various headhunters - mostly with a negative ending. However, the distinctive, unorthodox approach to the issue intrigued me. They do not overwhelm clients with a plethora of sometimes completely useless CVs, but work very efficiently and directly. They have an overview of their candidates and know their needs, knowledge and skills. Their recommendations are spot on. I am happy to continue working with them.

PEŠEK Machinery s.r.o.

PEŠEK Machinery s.r.o.

Michal Pešek, Owner & CEO

I didn't have any experience with working with headhunters until I met Mr. Ondřej Hajský. I decided to cooperate with him not only on the basis of our first meeting, which gave me a feeling of complete professionalism, but especially on the basis of several excellent references for his services, which I personally verified. Now that we have already had our first experience of mutual cooperation, I must admit that I am currently satisfied. He was able to completely understand my company's requirements and brought me quality candidates who are now part of our team.
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